"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others."
2 Timothy 2:2

The METRO Committee oversees the Ministry Equipping Training Recruiting Organisation (METRO), which provides a pathway for people wishing to get great ministry training through a 2-year apprentice program.

METRO: glorifies the one true God who has revealed himself in His son Jesus Christ by training others to make him known, who then train others to do the same.

Apprentices may then go on to bible college or take on other gospel-focused ministry, such as Youth Work, Women’s Ministry or Scripture Teaching, amongst other options.

Group photo of METRO apprentices and trainers from MTS G8, 2018


What is METRO Sponsorship?

METRO and MTS have enjoyed a long partnership in encouraging churches to raise up leaders for paid gospel work. METRO Sponsorship provides financial assistance to MTS Apprentices who are members of Presbyterian Churches in NSW/ACT.

The value of METRO Sponsorship is $6000 per year for 2 years (or $3000 per year for 2 years in the MTS-MTW program).

What are the Criteria for Application to the METRO Sponsorship?

In order to qualify for METRO Sponsorship, Applicants must:

  1. Be a current member of a Presbyterian Church belonging to the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW/ACT
  2. Have a Trainer or co-Trainer who is a member of the same church as the Applicant
  3. Have completed Breaking the Silence (PCNSW) training and hold a current WWCC / WWVP card
  4. Be accepted into one of the MTS Apprenticeship Pathways

In accepting a METRO sponsorship, the Applicant agrees to:

  1. Give strong consideration to enrolling in Christ College if progressing to theological college after MTS and residing in NSW
  2. Give the METRO Committee access to the 6 monthly MTS compliance report
  3. Attend the G8 and Mission Minded conferences each year of their apprenticeship
  4. Complete an annual Sponsorship review with the METRO Committee
  5. Accept that successful receipt of METRO sponsorship is under the discretion of the METRO Committee

What is the Process for Application to the METRO Sponsorship?

  1. Complete a METRO Sponsorship application
  2. Be interviewed with their Trainer(s) by members of the METRO Committee or a METRO approved interviewer (organised by the Trainer) and interviewer’s recommendation provided to the METRO Committee
  3. The METRO Committee will assess the Applicant’s eligibility for sponsorship based on met criteria and satisfactory recommendation of METRO approved interviewer
  4. The METRO Committee will offer coaching for successful trainers, if requested by the trainer

Who can be a METRO apprentice?

The Apprentice needs to be a member of a Presbyterian Church but may undertake training in suitable ministry training options outside the local church. These training programs will be approved by the committee.

Who runs METRO?

The committee comprises three ministers, three elders and a convener with its main function to oversee the development of METRO including program approval and scholarship allocations to apprentices.

How does METRO work?

METRO believes that an evangelistic, equipping model of ministry is best learnt through the biblical model of one-to-one training.

In the context of this training, the whole person is trained in three strands:

  1. character - personal godliness
  2. conviction - theological reflection
  3. competence - ministry skills

METRO benefits not only the apprentice, but strengthens the training culture for:

More information about Metro is contained in this video, which was played at the Presbyterian Church NSW General Assembly 2017.

Hear from an Metro apprentice: Keith Wiencke.

METRO doesn’t provide the apprentices. Apprentices are home grown. When a local church discerns someone that they would like to invest in and train according to the 2 Timothy 2:2 model, METRO provides the framework & the assistance to help that happen well. It's important to note that the local church and the trainer are responsible for the training.

If you would like to know more about METRO, you can follow METRO on facebook.

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If you're considering offering a METRO apprenticeship, you should come along to MTS Mission Minded in the October long weekend. Here's METRO committee member Paul Sheely talking about the benefits of the conference.

MTS Info Nights 2018

Apprentice information nights were held around Sydney and surrounds earlier in the year.

METRO apprentices will be expected to attend the MTS G8 National conference. In 2018, this was held at Stanwell Tops, from January 21-24.

In 2019, this will be held at Stanwell Tops Conference Centre from Monday 21st - Thursday 24th January 2019.

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Application Forms

If you'd like to apply for a METRO scholarship, you need to fill in the relevant form:

Apprentices - Apply online through MTS as an apprentice
Trainers - Apply online through MTS as a trainer

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Convener: David Bell

METRO on facebook

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